Classic Car Disputes & Litigation

Thanks to being rare, unique and collectable, classic cars are a highly desirable purchase.

Whether you’re a franchised dealer, used car dealer, an independent trader or a prestige/classic/exotic car dealer or owner, our team can help to realise opportunities and protect you against risks.

The nature of the industry means that large sums of money are often at stake, so these issues can lead to disputes needing to be settled with the help of expert classic car lawyers.

What is a classic car dispute?

Classic car disputes can be caused by a range of different matters in relation to a vehicle. We have acted for dealers and private individuals around the following disputes when classic car solicitor is required:

  • Incorrectly advertised vehicles
  • Domestic/international sales and purchases
  • Race history
  • Legal ownership investigations/title
  • Fraudulent activity in the management of investment portfolios
  • Restoration inaccuracies

Classic car dispute experts

Our specialist classic car disputes team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of dispute which can arise in the classic car market.

Our links with industry recognised experts make us well placed to obtain supportive evidence on vehicle valuation and specification where this is required to help you get the desired results from your classic car dispute.