Why apprenticeships are important

Tuesday 16th July 2019

To enable growth and success, businesses need to inspire young people to choose a career within their industry.

Not only can apprenticeships help companies secure their future talent, it can also offer the next generation an alternative, accessible career path.

Employment from day one

Going into further or higher education isn’t for everyone, especially if an individual’s strengths are more practical, or if they are wanting to get a taste of a working environment.  For others, the prospect of studying without having a source of income is unfeasible.

An apprenticeship offers another option. Not only does it provide the opportunity to gain first-hand workplace experience from day one, but it offers employment and a salary.

Having the chance to learn on the job

With an apprenticeship, you’re always learning and developing as you work. Every day, you’ll be working alongside experienced colleagues who will offer practical on-the-job training and guidance.  They say learning by doing is the best way, and that’s exactly what you’ll get by undertaking an apprenticeship. It’s that invaluable mix of practical experience and training that provides the forum for an apprentice to gain important technical expertise, but to develop a wider skillset which will have benefits more generally in the world of work, for example, learning how to interact with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

A different perspective

Employing an apprentice gives an organisation the opportunity to identify the best talent early and the scope to shape their experience to fit the work requirements of the business and its culture.  Having younger members of the team is also great for morale and for the business to have a different perspective which is not affected by years of doing things a certain way.  Gordons has certainly found this as a positive to our business, as we fast approach our ninth apprentice year intake.

Our commitment to apprenticeships

At Gordons, we understand the importance of apprenticeships and fully believe that they offer an alternative accessible route for young people to gain valuable work experience and earn a salary, whilst studying and learning in a supportive environment.

We’re proud of our award-winning law apprenticeship programme, which is giving bright young people the opportunity to start a legal career. Not only was it the first scheme of its kind to offer a legal apprenticeship at a degree level, but it was also highly commended by The Law Society for excellence in inclusion and diversity.