Wharfedale Ton – FAQs

The ride – will it be too tough for me?

This is always a sticky one. The Wharfedale Ton is meant to be challenging but fun, so you will need a level of fitness to complete it but you do not need to be a super athlete: anyone who has seen me on a bike will realise that. But you will need to put some good hours in to get bike fit.

You should have a reasonable level of fitness and we suggest, have ridden a few rides exceeding 50 miles to prepare yourself. The event is 100 miles with no huge hills. In fact, other than a couple of longer drags in the first 5-10 miles, the majority of the route is gently undulating or fairly flat.

How hard is it to do?

On a scale of 1-10 and in my personal opinion, I would rate it at a 5 out 10, the most challenging part of it being the distance.

Will I need a route map?

No you won’t need a map. The entire course is professional signposted by our event partners, Sportive HQ Limited, and the event is renowned for the quality of the signage.

Can I get a map of the route before the day?

Yes the route is on this website and will be pretty much as it appears there subject to any roadworks necessitating a late change. The exact route will be confirmed a couple of days before the event once we have made sure there are no obstacles or dangers on the course that require us to alter it, and as a pre-entered rider you will be able to view the route via GPX files supplied in a pre-event email sent the Wednesday before the event. The maps on the event pages are for information purposes only and are subject to changes on the day.

However do I pay?

You can pay online via the website (via debit or credit card) before the day of the event only.

Can I enter on the day?

No unfortunately this will not be possible.

Whats your refund policy?

Event entry fees cannot be refunded or transferred under any circumstances but by arrangement with us we can substitute a rider.

Exactly how much of the entry fee goes to the charity?

All of it! The entire £30 entry fee goes to the Event’s chosen charity, thanks to our corporate sponsors covering all other costs.

Charities – can I do this for my own charity?

If you wish to raise your own sponsorship for another cause you are very welcome to do so but we will not be involved in any way. You are however free to make reference to the Event.

What about safety – is there a risk assessment done etc?

The Wharfedale Ton conducts the necessary risk assessments for the Event in line with the recommendations issued by British Cycling, and any key issues arising out of the risk assessment will be issued to participants upon registration on the day of the Event.

Do I need insurance or am I covered by the Organisers insurance?

You do not need insurance to ride the Wharfedale Ton but you are not covered by our policy either. Should you cause an accident or injury during our event you may be held personally responsible by the aggrieved party. It is therefore your choice if you wish to take out an individual insurance policy. You may be covered by your household policy if you have one but you should check with your own broker. The Organisers insurance only covers the Organisers!

The bike – will my bike be good enough?

The lighter the bike the better. A road bike with decent gears is ideal. You can do this on a mountain bike or hybrid but it is much more effort as a general rule.

What should I take with me?

We recommend you carry a small tool kit, water, food and spare clothing if there is the possibility of the weather changing, especially if wet weather is expected. We strongly recommend you carry a multi tool, spare inner tube, puncture repair kit and inflator and that you know how to use them!

What mechanical assistance is there?

Due to the unsupported nature of the Event, no mechanical support along the route will be provided but it being Yorkshire you will never be too far away from an available cycle shop e.g. Harrogate, Wetherby, York, Otley.

What if I get injured?

This is an unsupported ride. We do however have one medical support car available on the course to deal with first aid issues. Injuries can occur or you may feel unwell at some stage or just absolutely shattered and have nothing left to give, we’ve all been there. There are stops at approximately 25 mile intervals but because we have no support vehicles, you would be well advised to plan ahead your own contingency arrangements. We strongly recommend you carry some money/credit card, in case you bike fails you and you need to take a train/taxi/or bus home!

Is this a race?

The Event is most definitely not a race. It is intended as a business networking event and charity fundraiser. We will not publish nor record times and do not encourage race type behaviour. The ride is a social event that allows people to meet other riders whilst enjoying a good ride that they don’t need to plan or route find on.

From a legal point of view, we mark out the route with signage arrows placed by our professional ride partner, Sportive HQ Limited. You do not need to follow this route and you are free to choose how you navigate around the course. If you want to cut out sections due to mechanical and energy problems, that’s fine. We do however recommend that you follow the route and map to avoid becoming lost.

How do I get to the event start point?

The start and finish point will be at Ilkley Rugby Club, 2 Denton Rd, Ilkley LS29 0AA.

By car

Parking is available at the Rugby Club.  The Organisers do not accept responsibility for your vehicle or its contents during the event. Further details will be published by email shortly prior to the day of the Event.

By train

There is a regular train service to Ilkley on which bicycles can be carried.

By bike

You can also ride to the start!!

Is food and drink available?

There will be some snack food available in the form of fruit, Lishman’s famous pork pies and drinks at the two break stops in Kirk Deighton Nr Wetherby. A basic snack lunch will be provided from a venue in York to be advised. At the finish in Ilkley there will be hot food provided between 4pm and 6pm.

Can my business become an advertising sponsor of the event?

This may be possible and for further information you will need to contact philip.paget@gordonsllp.com





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