Mary Walker shares comments with The Independent on Barclays' scrapped plans to use employee-monitoring software

Friday 21st February 2020

Mary Walker, partner at Gordons and employment and HR expert, has been quoted in national and trade media, including The Independent and HR Magazine, responding to the news that Barclays has scrapped its proposed plans to implement Big Brother-style software to monitor and track employee activity.

Mary said: “The monitoring of IT systems and the collection of data is not a new occurrence in the workplace. And, of course, an employer has a legitimate interest in ensuring that employees are working efficiently.

“Where this is different is that management is in real time – at your desk and on your screen, which may well be new and uncomfortable for employees who have worked with independence in the past.

“It is not a replacement for good people management and must not be unreasonable or excessive. There are useful and clear guidelines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding monitoring, data storage and notification requirements.”

You can read Mary’s thoughts on The Independent, Yahoo Finance and HR Magazine.

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