Simon Tingle explores the risks of ambiguous labelling in The Grocer

Thursday 2nd May 2024

Simon Tingle, partner and head of regulatory has written for the food and drink retail industry publication The Grocer, discussing the risks of labelling ambiguous countries of origin.

Today, consumers are increasingly values-driven when making purchases. This is leading to greater attention on how a product’s ethical profile is displayed.

Amongst the information consumers look out for is country of origin labelling, often viewing local products as more ethical.

However, this is leading to more focus from regulators on protecting customers from being misled by false or ambiguous country of origin labelling.

Simon explores how regulators are adapting their approach to protect customers and gives examples of action being taken against companies in the fashion retail sector.

He also discusses how the food and drink sector can take lessons from these fashion sector investigations and how to be proactive with labelling in the face of increased scrutiny.

You can read Simon’s full article in The Grocer here. A subscription is required. Registering for a free account allows you to read the article and have limited access to the publication.

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