Mark Jones shares comments with The Grocer on FSA announcement that CBD products must meet legal standards for novel foods

Thursday 13th February 2020

Mark Jones, partner and food and drink expert at Gordons, has been quoted by The Grocer reacting to the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) announcement that manufacturers of Cannabidiol (CBD) infused food and drink products have until March 31, 2021 to meet the legal standards in order to be categorised as novel foods, or risk having their products taken off the shelf.

Mark said: “CBD is a big deal in the current consumer market. Some 23 states have legalised cannabis in the US, drinks companies are creating new CBD infused spirits a plenty and there have been lots of reports suggesting Pepsi/Coke and Diageo are circling with a view to get in on the act. In this country, and in the EU, its CBD products, like oils, which are on the rise.

“You can find them on the high street. But CBD has not been cleared as being safe for human consumption; although research from the 1970s claims it is. New food stuffs coming onto the market have to be registered as novel foods with the EU and, in some cases, approved by the European Food Safety Authority (‘EFSA’).

“An application has been made for CBD but the EFSA has not approved it yet. It could be the summer before it is approved. The FSA has said it won’t do anything until March 2021, but if the FSA crack down before the EFSA approves the use of CBD in food, retailers will have to stop selling CBD products.”

You can read Mark’s thoughts on The Grocer here.