Gordons one of three Yorkshire businesses to work together to create global children’s artwork initiative

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Gordons is one of three Yorkshire businesses to have worked together to create a global online initiative aimed at giving children around the world the opportunity to showcase their hopes for the future whilst living through lockdown.

Called How I See Tomorrow, the project asks youngsters to artistically tell their story about their experiences today and what they want the future to hold for them and the planet. Monthly winners are chosen who receive prizes supplied by How I See Tomorrow sponsor, arts and crafts superstore Hobbycraft.

Since the project was launched in April, artwork has been submitted by children from all around the globe. Entries have been received from as far afield as Australia and Canada, to some of the smallest nations like Malta and the largest such as India, as well as all across Europe.

In addition, a number of art galleries located around the world have expressed an interest in potentially exhibiting the best pieces of art submitted when it is possible to do so. Due to the initiative’s success its deadline for entries has been extended until August 10.

How I See Tomorrow was the idea of Leeds-based brand design consultancy Elmwood. The project was launched in April following compliance advice from Gordons and the creation of the How I see Tomorrow website by Leeds-based digital agency AND Digital.

Jonathan Sands OBE, chairman of Elmwood and founder of How I See Tomorrow, said: “We are living through an unprecedented period which history will look back upon as a moment of change. As a result, we wanted to support children and their parents or carers through this challenging time by giving them a creative outlet that will also record what happened through the eyes of the next generation.

“By working together, Elmwood, Gordons and AND Digital have created an internationally accessible resource that is both capturing this moment in history and providing a humbling wake up call for us ‘grown ups’.

“What is remarkable and deeply touching about the art being submitted is the sense of hope, unity and friendliness that all the children express in their view of tomorrow. It hits home when you see it, and makes you think what we as adults, businesses or policymakers should do to help these children’s hopes for the future become a reality.

“Next year we’d like to bring influencers such as this together at the various shows to see what and how we might make some of these dreams come true. It would be great to have a positive legacy to Covid-19.”

Gordons managing partner, Paul Ayre, added: “We’re proud to be helping Jonathan and Elmwood with such a great project.”

Malcolm Seagrave, club executive at AND Digital’s Leeds office, said: “It is vital that we support the younger generation during these challenging times, and we were keen to offer our proven digital expertise and technical know-how to ensure this wonderful project came to fruition as fast as possible.

“Our team worked tirelessly to build this fun, easy-to-use site in only three weeks, and I am incredibly grateful for their efforts. The hope and creativity we have seen from children taking part already has been nothing short of inspirational, and we look forward to helping more children across the world express themselves as they look towards a brighter future.”

Commenting on Hobbycraft’s involvement with How I See Tomorrow, the company’s customer director, Katherine Paterson, said: “We have been truly inspired by the submissions to date with so many beautifully crafted pieces and so many uplifting observations.

“As a result we’d love to encourage more wonderful submissions and so we are delighted to be able to support an extension to the entry deadline and continue to offer weekly prizes until the beginning of August.

“Congratulations to all the winners to date as the competition has been of a very high standard and so being a winner is richly deserved.”

To find our more visit How I See Tomorrow.