Employment e-Brief – Statutory Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures to be replaced on 1 April 2009

Monday 1st December 2008

Philip Paget, employment partner 

We can now confirm that the statutory dismissal procedures, which have caused so much difficulty to employers since their introduction in 2004, will be replaced from 1 April 2009. A new ACAS code is being introduced on that date.

This does not mean that we are recommending to employers that they totally revise their procedures entirely again. However, we do recommend an update and review bearing in mind the new procedures inevitably will have some differences. It is to be envisaged however that the new rules will be somewhat easier and less prescriptive and the damaging uplifts on compensation for non-compliance are to be slightly relaxed.

To assist with the transition we will be running seminars in February and March to introduce the new system and to highlight any particular differences. Please watch your e-briefs for details of the seminar dates.

If you would like to pre-register to ensure that you receive details please reply to marketing@gordonsllp.com indicating that you would like to attend a seminar on this subject.