Apprentice Blog – My work experience week

Wednesday 19th September 2018

I applied for Gordons’ Apprenticeship Programme because it is a really good opportunity to get into a career in law without having to go to university, if that isn’t something you have ever been keen on doing which for me it wasn’t.

In the past there has been a negative stigma with not going to university, however this apprenticeship overrides that by providing you with the opportunity to obtain the same level of qualification as someone who went to university. Not only that, but you also gain experience first-hand  and don’t have the debt of paying back university fees as you are in fact earning during your apprenticeship.

As part of the selection process there is a week of work experience where you have one day in the Bradford office and the rest in Leeds office. Each day you are allocated a different department to work with for the day, completing different tasks which immediately give you a feel for what that particular department does.

This is a really useful tool as not only does it help the team at Gordons as part of their selection process, but it also helps you to decide which area interests you and whether Gordons is for you, rather than getting the job and deciding you don’t enjoy it.

I loved my week at Gordons because it allowed me to realise I am capable of working full-time hours as I enjoyed my time there every day and it never felt like a chore to have to get up early to go because I really wanted to.

Gordons is a lovely place to work and the staff genuinely make you feel part of the team, after one day of being there I felt like part of the furniture.

Everyone is welcome at Gordons and I would recommend anyone to apply for the programme, even if you are unsure about what area you want to go into, as this will really benefit you in making the right decision.