Andy Brian shares his reaction with the BBC on Co-Op’s plan to sell groceries on Amazon Prime

Thursday 16th September 2021

Andy Brian, head of retail at Gordons, has spoken to the BBC in response to the news that Co-op is set to partner with Amazon Prime for same-day deliveries.

The announcement, together with an extension of robot deliveries, is part of Co-op’s aim to grow online sales from £70million to £200million. Amazon Prime customers will be able to order groceries from the Co-op with same-day delivery.

Reacting to the news, Andy Brian said: “Co-op becomes the third supermarket to piggyback onto Amazon’s established fast delivery network. There has been a fair amount of attention recently on frictionless stores being the next big thing for retail, but this is really where the future lies. Who can successfully – and profitably – get products ordered on mobile devices to customers in the shortest possible time, so they don’t even have to bother with shops at all.

“Demand for this type of fast, no hassle service will only increase in line with the ability for consumers to order products easily, with one-click, directly from social media or through QR codes. Established delivery partners such as Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber will facilitate this to some extent (Co-op already partners with Deliveroo for example), and alongside these partnerships some of the grocers have already started to develop in-house, on-demand delivery devices. But we will also see the rise of other third party partners such as Weezy, Dija and Getir.”

You can read Andy’s comment on the BBC website here.