Andy Brian quoted in the national press on the news that off-licenses have been added to the list of ‘essential’ shops

Thursday 26th March 2020

Andy Brian, partner and retail law specialist at Gordons, has been quoted in the national press, including The Metro, commenting the news that off-licenses have been added to the list of ‘essential’ shops in the wake of supermarkets selling out of alcoholic drinks.

Following the government’s announcements that all bars, pubs and restaurants must close, as well as non-essential shops, the news to keep off-licences open is aimed at removing pressure from the food and beverage supply chain and in supermarkets.

Andy Brian, head of retail at law firm Gordons, said: “We’ve already seen a few changes to the list of “essential” businesses and I would not be surprised if we see more, particularly if the closures remain in place for an extended period.

“Remember the Government will need to ensure that it does what it can to alleviate pressure on the supply chain, and also to balance restrictions on one category of retailer against the lack of restrictions on retailers in other categories where there is a cross over in the type of goods sold. In the case of off licences, it is hoped that this latest intervention will alleviate some of the pressure on supermarkets, including online delivery services.”

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