Training Principal Q&A: Amy Pierechod

Monday 22nd November 2021

We sat down Amy Pierechod, a senior corporate solicitor, who acts as the firm’s training principal to find out what her job involves and what she looks for in a trainee.
How did you get appointed as training principal at Gordons?

I have been a trainee supervisor in my team since 2018 and have always been passionate about learning and development of trainees. In 2020 I began to get involved in the recruitment process and following that the Exec asked that I take over as Training Principal. It was a real honour to be asked as in many firms the Training Principal is a partner, however the firm thought I would be someone who the trainees would feel comfortable coming to with issues and queries. So far that seems to be the case thankfully.

What does the role involve and what do you enjoy the most?

I catch up with all trainees regularly as a point of contact outside their department. I’m always available if issues come up and will speak to departments on a trainee’s behalf if they need it. I am also responsible for allocating training seats and co-ordinating qualification. Plus I sit on our recruitment panel.

My favourite parts are calling people to offer a training contract (I still remember when I got that call myself!) and seeing trainees qualify with us and their hard work paying off.

What do you look for in a candidate for a training contract?

I’m always really impressed by someone who has relevant work experience. It doesn’t have to be legal work experience; I worked as a receptionist and a waitress through my studies and picked up a lot of transferable skills.

It’s also noticeable when candidates have done their research on the firm and the work we do. Either by looking on our website or speaking to someone in the role- at an insight event or law fair. If you think you want to do this job then find out as much as you can to be sure!

Finally I love it when people can show a little of their personality in their application. One of our values is ‘People First, Lawyers Second’ so I want to find out about you.

Calling all future solicitors!  Want to know more about our training contracts? We will be holding an insight evening at our Leeds office on 25 November 2021. Click here for more information.

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