The Social Debtwork

Monday 16th February 2015

The Times recently reported on a prolific Facebook user who received a post he certainly won’t be ‘liking’.

A debtor had been ignoring written communications from a creditor’s solicitors about the need for him to appear in court in bankruptcy proceedings, so the solicitors came up with the novel solution of notifying him on Facebook. The Court in Tunbridge Wells held this was acceptable.

Frances Mitchell, commercial litigation solicitor commented: “Debtors are often difficult to pin down or take deliberate steps to avoid being served with Court documents. With the irresistible temptation of social media, this is a potentially useful tool in a creditor’s armoury.”

In future this may become common, with lawyers using hashtags such as #summonsed and #payup on Twitter or giving their debt demand a nice sunset filter on Instagram.

Click here to view the article on the Times (subscription required)

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