The Information Game

Tuesday 28th April 2015

A German schoolboy named Simon Schräder has hit on an ingenious way to gain an advantage in his upcoming exams, by making a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request to see the exam paper.

Freedom of Information requests are made to the government, in order to request any information that a state body holds about a particular issue. This can range from information about a planning request through to discussions about HS2.

Frances Mitchell, solicitor in the Commercial Litigation team at Gordons, says:

“Sadly, although innovative, I think it is unlikely that Mr Schräder’s FOI request will succeed due to the sensitivity of the information. It is, though, worth bearing in mind that government bodies hold vast amounts of data which can potentially be tapped into. A well-judged FOI request can, for example, be a useful tool in Judicial Review claims where a public authority is on the other side.“

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