Leading the way in social mobility

Our law apprenticeship was the first of its kind in the legal sector when we launched it in 2011. Since then, more than 35 young people have joined our programme.

We celebrated our first graduate in February 2017 and since then a further seven apprentices have qualified as chartered legal executives in a variety of specialisms including private client, corporate, commercial property and property litigation.

Since its launch, our  Law Apprenticeship has become a multiple award-winner and led to the firm being described as “leading the way on social mobility in the legal profession” by Chair of the Social Mobility Foundation, Alan Milburn.

Commenting on our scheme, Mr Milburn said: “Gordons have led the way in opening the doors of the legal profession to all.”

Bright and hard-working

We introduced our apprenticeship to provide an alternative route into the law and to find bright and hard-working young people who wanted a career in the legal sector, but who couldn’t or weren’t comfortable going down the traditional route of attending university. We target young people with a great attitude who might not otherwise see the law as a career open to them.

We have taken on over 25 apprentices to date. The programme involves 18-year-old school leavers training to become qualified lawyers through practical experience and academic study.  The firm pays their salaries and sponsors course fees, meaning they have no student debt.

Immensely proud

Senior partner Paul Ayre said: “We want our firm to be full of talented people with a great attitude. We don’t care where they start out in life or what school they went to. We wanted to find bright young people who work hard and that is exactly what we have found with Bryony and Megan.

“They’ve been excellent throughout their apprenticeships and, now that they are qualified, their career progression at Gordons is potentially unlimited.”

Key differentiator

When engaging at senior executive level, our clients regard it as a key differentiator for the firm which they both applaud and support.

With many organisations seeking to play a part in improving social mobility, our pioneering stance on apprenticeships has fostered closer relationships with clients.

We have advised clients on how they can establish their own apprenticeships. This advice and guidance on social mobility, inclusion and diversity has been greatly appreciated by a number of organisations, further strengthening client relationships.

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