Simon Mydlowski shares thoughts with BBC and The Guardian on Jamie Oliver administration announcement

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Leisure and hospitality expert, Simon Mydlowski, has been featured in the national press, including BBC news and The Guardian, commenting on the announcement that Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain is set to go into administration.

Simon’s comments have also been used by The Express and The Mirror, reacting to the news that could see up to 1,300 people lose their jobs.

Simon said: “The high street restaurant sector is changing at an incredible pace and it seems Jamie’s is the latest brand that was not able to keep up. To be successful in this sector you have to be constantly evolving – from the menus and the drinks choice, to the way you engage with customers.

“A number of suppliers will have been caught unawares here, perhaps showing a little too much trust in the Jamie Oliver name, but this is not the first big restaurant chain to have suffered and it won’t be the last. Faced with higher rent, rising food prices and increased competition, restaurants need a point of difference – it’s no coincidence that smaller brands with the freedom and flexibility to keep things fresh are currently the ones performing well.”