Our top-ranked team of construction lawyers understands how the industry works. Margins are tight, programmes are challenging and risk management is critical. We help steer projects to a successful outcome.

We focus on the issues that matter to you. We get contracts agreed quickly, resolve disputes and fight hard on your behalf. That’s why our clients value our no-nonsense construction legal advice and vouch for our impressive track record.

Our construction clients include:

BASF, Hermes Parcelnet, United Living Group, GMI Construction, PDR Construction, Eshton Group, Triangle Investments and Development, Bridgecore Developments, BDB Design Build, Rawlings Consulting


Our Clients State Our Case

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Paul Dransfield

Managing Director, PDR Construction

“Gordons is distinctive due to the calibre of its people; fiercely loyal and genuinely innovative - they continually deliver.”

Andy Blake

Finance Director, Bradford Academy

"Gordons’ people totally understand how construction procurement works and how to solve problems when things go wrong.”

Trevor Philipson

Director, Tolent Construction

“The Gordons team is ‘on the ball’."

Nick Goodson

Managing Director, BDB Design Build

"Gordons always give straight answers and guidance, no matter what I throw at them."