Samsung asks Note 7 customers to return their phones – but Royal Mail bans them from being sent through the post in case they explode

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Retail Partner Andy Brian comments in the Daily Mail on news that Royal Mail and Parcelforce will not accept posting of faulty Samsung Note 7s because the smartphone contains a lithium battery. Customers in the UK are urged to turn the product off and have been offered exchange for a range of other Samsung phones.

Andy says “Samsung have taken swift action and customers have been advised to contact the provider or operator they purchased the device from to organise a loan device until they are able to exchange the Galaxy Note 7. Customers are also being offered the opportunity to exchange for a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge.”

“If customers prefer to obtain a refund, they have the right to do so under the Consumer Rights Act. Retailers are required to offer a full refund if a product is shown to be faulty within 30 days of purchase, and for up to six months if a repair or suitable replacement is not available during this period, and Samsung have acted quickly to make customers aware that this is an option.”

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