Regulated wills popular among public

Wednesday 4th November 2015

In July 2011 the Legal Services Consumer Panel published its report on will writing having investigated the public experience of services provided in this area. The Panel recommended that will-writing be regulated in order to protect consumers, but disappointingly, in May 2013 the Lord Chancellor announced his decision not to regulate.

The main problem in this area is the lack of protection for potentially vulnerable people who simply want to ensure that on death their estates will be distributed as they wish. Time and again we have been approached by clients whose Wills were prepared by an unregulated organisation which has subsequently gone out of business and disappeared, along with the clients’ Wills.

Recent research by the Law Society has confirmed that the public want regulation, but until that happens, the greatest protection for clients in this area can be obtained by going to a solicitor to have your Will drawn up by a specialist.

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