Outrage as bus driver disturbs rememberance Sunday silence

Thursday 12th November 2015

On Sunday, a bus driver ignored a road closure sign and, despite police efforts, attempted to pass through the Remembrance Sunday service in Cranfield, Bedfordshire. The two minute silence had commenced when the bus driver beeped his horn, disturbing the silence. Villagers were outraged and upset.

The bus company, Uno, has apologised for any upset and disruption caused by their driver’s actions. They say an investigation into the incident has been launched but are unable to comment further.

Bryony Russell, Graduate Legal Executive at Gordons, says “I assume that the bus company would have been informed by the council of the Remembrance Sunday service and any disruption to its routes. Therefore, the company and its employees should have been on notice. The actions of the bus driver will probably not be justifiable and will more than likely result in disciplinary action taken”.

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