Not enough TalkTalk results in large fines

Tuesday 9th April 2013

Telecoms operator TalkTalk has found itself subject to regulatory action after the company made about 9000 silent or abandoned calls to potential customers in 2011.  Fined £750,000 for “persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or electronic communications service”, OFCOM hope that the fine will send a strong message to the market place that this type of occurrence is unacceptable and that action will be taken.

It should also be remembered that OFCOM now has the power to fine up to £2 million for breaches.

TalkTalk stated that many of the calls were as a result of answer machine detection technology and noted that they used two call centre operators, however they were ultimately responsible.

It is not the first time that OFCOM has used their powers to impose financial penalties, having fined Npower £60,000 in December.

It should always be remembered that there are strict rules that govern cold calling and telephone marketing, and now a clear precedent that getting it wrong can prove costly.