New Year rail fare increase

Thursday 18th December 2014

Rail fares are set to increase by an average of 2.2%.  Notably, some regulated season tickets will increase by 2.5%, the maximum increase allowed in 2015.  Whilst this is the lowest average rise since 2010, it will mean that some travellers will have to pay up to £40 extra per year.  In addition, there are no limits on the maximum increase for unregulated fares (such as off-peak tickets) which can be priced as operators wish.

Although some rail unions are claiming it is an annual scandal and arguing that the yearly fare increase must stop, Network Rail have impressively stated that they are due to spend around £27m per day on improving the UK’s railways over the next five years in order to ‘benefit not just passengers and businesses but communities across the country, by improving journeys, creating employment and helping to boost the economy.’  Surely an improved economy will mean higher wages and maybe the 2.2% increase would not seem so painful.

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