Apprentice Blog – My time as a Gordons apprentice

Monday 3rd June 2019

I have been at Gordons for over 4 years as an Apprentice Legal Executive. I have spent that time focussing on two different disciplines, originally commercial property and then moving to specialise in construction whilst simultaneously studying for my CILEx Level 3 and Level 6 exams, with the aim of becoming a Chartered Legal Executive. It is fair to say that with the long days of studying, working, and networking, that time has really flown by.

I have recently passed my final CILEx exam meaning that I only have one year left until qualification. That final year will involve putting together a portfolio of the work I have carried out during my apprenticeship to show that I can meet the required objectives to qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive.

It is amazing to think of the work that me and my peers were doing when we first started at Gordons, compared to where we are now. The progression happens fairly quickly and naturally so it is easy to forget how far you have come.

At the outset, many of the tasks that an apprentice will be involved in will either be of an administrative nature such as preparing bundles of documents for trial, running documents up to court, or shadowing more senior lawyers. However, fairly quickly you are given more and more responsibility such as drafting documents and correspondence, speaking with clients and other law firms, or drafting documents to instruct experts or barristers. The progression continues throughout your apprenticeship, and my current responsibilities include drafting, negotiating, and advising on contracts with contractors, construction professionals, developers, tenants, or banks for developments such as retail stores, office blocks, chemical plant, or industrial units. I also assist other colleagues  with disputes when there are problems with a building. There is a huge variety in the work I do and the clients and people I work for, and plenty of support as I take on new tasks.

When I look at the progress that I have made since I started, I think I have got exactly what I wanted out of my apprenticeship – I wanted to be in a position where, by the time I qualified as a lawyer, I would have a varied and in depth experience of the job. I also feel a massive sense of achievement in terms of academic progress, having now passed the CILEx exams. Looking ahead to the future, I feel like the sky’s the limit.