McDonald’s worker wrecks restaurant after getting sacked

Wednesday 11th February 2015

A McDonald’s worker was caught on camera flying into a rage and damaging company property after being fired.

Video footage shows the McDonald’s employee shouting expletives as he storms around the restaurant throwing machinery and glasses to the floor.

The film was taken by a customer on a mobile phone at the St Paul branch in Minnesota, uploaded to YouTube and entitled: ‘McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy’.

The worker, in McDonald’s uniform, appears to be throwing cups and other items on the floor behind the till before shouting: “I try to be nice” followed by a loud smash and further shouting.

Gordons’ People and Change Consultant, Sheena Pickersgill says “This might be a reminder to managers to think about the location and timing of meetings when they are giving bad news to employees.  The manner in which difficult news is given is also crucial.  This is where your people skills are truly tested!”

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