Gordons partner becomes Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist

Friday 12th June 2015

Fraud is an endemic problem in the UK and across the world. Every day we read about individuals, companies, governments and charities all falling victim to fraud and in many instances being accused of it.  The cost of fraud to business runs into the billions with the highest levels of loss being borne by businesses in the private sector. The threat of fraud and the consequences to our clients has led Dan Stowers, Head of our Regulatory & Business Crime Team, to qualify as an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist having been trained by the City of London Police Economic Crime Academy.

Dan Stowers comments “We believe that prevention is better than cure and to ensure that you and your business are not victims of fraud a strong anti-fraud culture needs to be developed within an organisation which will include anti-fraud policies, procedures, training, risk assessment and audit. All too often things do go wrong and when that happens you need to be able to rely on your systems and importantly your adviser to protect the business, its staff and prevent further loss. With over 16 years of criminal defence practice in the fraud arena combined with the Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist qualification, we at Gordons are in a unique place to assist our clients in this area.”

We can help with:

  • Development of counter fraud policies including adequate procedures to comply with section 7 Bribery Act 2010
  • Developing your fraud response plan and anti-fraud statement
  • Assist to develop management capability to minimise exposure to crime & malpractice
  • Whistleblowing issues
  • Conducting internal investigations with the benefit of legal professional privilege
  • Effectively manage evidence in anticipation of civil or criminal proceedings
  • Liaise with law enforcement where necessary
  • Advising on suspicious activity reports and self-reporting of bribery
  • Advising on employment related issues that arise
  • Training to help recognise the internal and external threat of financial crime


For more information in relation to counter fraud or to discuss our regulatory and business crime service, contact Dan Stowers on 0113 227 0278 or dan.stowers@gordonsllp.com