Fitness programme to cut sickness of NHS staff

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

In total, the NHS estimates that staff absences cost them around £2.4bn per year, with mental health and musculoskeletal problems being the biggest causes.

To tackle this significant cost and reduce sickness rates across the NHS, it is proposed that workers will be offered fitness programmes, counselling and physiotherapy. In addition, they will have support to stop smoking and weight-loss services.

The plans will be detailed by Simon Stevens, NHS England’s Chief Executive, at the NHS Innovation Expo conference in Manchester. A 2009 study found that staff ill-health and absence can lead to an increased risk of unsafe care, worse patient experiences and poorer outcomes. Upon implementation of this plan the NHS should expect to see a clear positive correlation between employees’ attendance and patients’ treatment and care.

Bryony Russell, Graduate Legal Executive at Gordons, says “I think this is a great response from the NHS to support and encourage its employees and will help maintain a well-balanced and healthy working environment”.