First Great Western rebranded to become Great Western Railway

Thursday 24th September 2015

Following a massive rebranding exercise, First Great Western have re-adopted the historical name of Great Western Railway (GWR).

Three GWR trains have been rebranded and are due to start running shortly and it is estimated that it will take up to 2018 to repaint all trains. The rebrand forms part of a £7.5bn programme, which includes the modernisation of railway stations, the electrification of tracks and the introduction of new trains.

GWR say that they do not plan to increase its fares. However, the changes have resulted in trade union disputes in light of proposals to change staffing and on-board catering facilities, which the Rail Maritime and Transport Union fears will lead to the disposal of guards and buffet cars. GWR have stated that it will increase the number of on-board staff by 100.

Tim O’Toole, Chief Executive of FirstGroup, the operator of GWR said it is a “railway steeped in years of tradition”.

“The franchise will see new or refurbished trains on every part of the network, resulting in more frequent and faster journeys and an increase in the number of seats, keeping people moving and communities prospering.”

Clare Moore from Gordons says: “the rebranded trains look great and the reversion to the original GWR name is a fitting way of paying homage to the company’s past. The proposals to reduce journey times and introduce more frequent services are definitely a step in the right direction and will be welcomed by the numerous commuters who use the network”.

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