Employment Snapshot: August 2023

Thursday 7th September 2023

Welcome back to our employment law update. Scroll down to learn more about this month’s employment law focuses. From discussing controversial topics at work, consultations on occupational health and more…

Can You Fairly Dismiss an Employee for Refusing to Download a Work-Related App?

The Employment Tribunal considered whether an employee had been unfairly dismissed for refusing to put a work app on her personal mobile phone in Alsnih v Al Quds Al-Arabi Publishing & Advertising.

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Discussing Controversial Topics at Work – How to Protect Your Business if Employees Cross the Line

Whether an employer had taken all reasonable steps to prevent the potential harassment of an employee as a result of her gender critical beliefs was considered by the Employment Tribunal in the case of Fahmy v Arts Council England.

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Government Publishes New Consultations on Occupational Health

The Government has launched new consultations seeking views on proposals aimed at increasing employer use of occupation health (OH) services.

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