Beware toxic employees are highly contagious!

Thursday 23rd April 2015

We have all come across them in the workplace – those employees that have a negative impact on those around them. They damage productivity and morale and can drive your best people away. A recent study by cornerstone found that 54% of good employees are more likely to leave when they work with a toxic employee. See the research findings from HR Grapevine here.

So, what does an employer do when faced with a toxic employee?  The first thing is to have a conversation to raise awareness with the individual the impact of their behaviour on others. Secondly, reiterate your company values and the behaviours expected. Once the issue has been raised it makes it easier to monitor progress. Keep notes of the meetings. If the employee is not willing to change then you need to  let them go before they drive your best people out of the business and before their negative behaviour spreads to others.