Allansons LLP - Litigation Funder Update – Tuesday 27 August 2019

Tuesday 27th August 2019

We have been informed that some of Allansons’ litigation funders have received a call from an individual purporting to be from or to represent the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We understand that the caller says that to secure the return of your investment, you must pay him 5% of the total funds invested.

The caller has identified himself as John Holt / Jonathan Holt and the number from which these calls have been received is (0207) 183 4172.  It is possible, however, that different numbers and identities are being used.

This person does not represent the SRA. These calls are not made on behalf of the SRA and are not genuine. Please beware if you receive such a call.

You can read more about protecting yourself from fraud here:

If you have given your bank details to the caller, you should contact your bank immediately.