Court of Protection

Sadly, there are many people with challenging personal circumstances or just in later life who are unable or struggle to manage their financial affairs or look after themselves.

If the individual is able to do so, we can assist with the creation of a Power of Attorney, but if that is not possible for any reason, for example if the individual lacks the mental capacity to complete a Power of Attorney, an application must be made to the Court of Protection.

The Court will then appoint a deputy, usually a family member or a professional, to help the individual and manage their personal financial affairs. The role of deputy is highly regulated and carries significant responsibility, but we can help, both with the application to Court and in understanding what is expected of you. We can also act as deputy if that is appropriate.

If you are a deputy or simply concerned about a vulnerable individual, please get in touch for further advice. We are happy to give initial advice over the telephone (0113 227 0298) or by email, free of charge.

See also our sections on Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Tax, all of which may be relevant.



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