Commercial Litigation

Our approach is to resolve disputes quickly and cost effectively so that you can get back to business. We are practical, pragmatic and flexible. When cases need to fight, we fight with vigour. When disputes benefit from a more imaginative approach we adopt other means of resolution, whether it is mediation, arbitration or expert determination. We are experienced in all these areas. We have an enviable track record.

Our advice is tailored to each client. We assess at an early stage the merits of the claim, and provide clear cost estimates to enable you to assess the funding requirements of any litigation. Ours is not a “one size fits all” approach – each dispute, and what each client wants to achieve, is different in every case and we recognise that.



Shut the gate! Court orders £1 damages for interference with farmer’s right of way

A farming company had a right of way over their neighbour’s land, which had been granted in the 19 ...

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AIG Europe – When can similar claims against professionals be aggregated by insurers?

The much anticipated Supreme Court decision in AIG Europe Limited v Woodman and others was handed do ...

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Goodwill Hunting… to be taken literally when leaving a firm

In the recent case of Bhayani v Taylor Bracewell, Ms Bhayani, an employment solicitor, claimed that ...

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