Morrisons – Voltage Optimisation project

The team advised Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc in respect of a project to roll out voltage optimisation equipment and software across its stores nationally, negotiating a “turnkey” contract with a single contractor for all supply and installation.

VO units are installed into the mains electricity supply and reduce the voltage supplied to the equipment at your premises to reduce energy bills. Additional benefits can include: not oversupplying equipment with voltage and increasing its ‘lifespan’; protecting against damaging spikes in voltage; and improving balance on electricity supply to avoid wasteful consumption.

The benefits of the system for Morrisons as a major user of electricity were considerable, but great care was required to ensure that the agreement contained intelligible and measurable performance levels and sufficient guarantees as to energy consumption savings.

Stuart Kirk, Head of Energy at Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc valued the expertise and advice he received from the team at Gordons: “Businesses like ours are reducing our energy consumption. VO is an effective means of delivering this and the team at Gordons worked with us to ensure our contractor is accountable for measurable performance levels.”

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