Claims handling for Insurance Company

Gordons has handled all personal injury claims for the policyholders of a national insurance company for over 13 years.  A significant feature of this client being ecclesiastical claims, Gordons provide personal support to Churches and other Faith Centres when dealing with claims often of an utmost sensitive and personal nature.   The types of the claims are often unusual and in particular, household claims often relate to accidents involving homeowners’ pets and livestock.  Lisa Brough recently defended a case successfully in the first instance and then again in the Court of Appeal in which a policyholder’s pet dog, whilst off its lead, accidently knocked another dog walker over causing injury.  Consideration in this case was not only given to the claim at hand, but also, to the possible repercussions on both her client and the insurance industry generally of paying compensation in these circumstances, where many thousands of dog owners allow their dogs off their leads for exercise.